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Санкт-Петербург, пер. Пирогова 18
+7 931 395 99 55

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      SVCH is a professional school for those who want to build a career in the restaurant business or learn how to cook for themselves.

      We educate:

      • Professional chefs with extensive experience
      • Beginner chefs, sous-chefs and cooks
      • Amateurs wishing to learn the basics of culinary excellence
      • Restaurateurs
      • Restaurant managers

      The most demanded chefs teach at our place: Roman Redman, Diego Prado, David Zilber, Konstantin Ivlev, Dmitry Bogachev, Arslan Berdiev, Marina Naumova, Artem Grebenshchikov, Dmitry Blinov, Anton Isakov and many other “stars” of the gastronomic field. And also, eminent restaurateurs and the most successful top managers in the restaurant sphere.

      Not theorists, but practitioners who continue to develop their careers, aware of all the features of modern gastro business.

      Our teachers
      • Chef, Head of R&D Alchemist Explore (Copenhagen)
      • Chef of the BLUSH wine bar, studying Russian wild plants together with the Russian Academy of Sciences, giving lectures at MGIMO.
      • Chef Hamlet+Jacks, Nau, Wine Rack
      • Ex former head of the laboratory of the famous Noma restaurant in Copenhagen, and co-author of The Noma guide to Fermentation