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Санкт-Петербург, пер. Пирогова 18
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Andrey Kolodyazhny

Chef of the BLUSH wine bar, studying Russian wild plants together with the Russian Academy of Sciences, giving lectures at MGIMO.


Founder of Gastrobotany in Russia.

European Champion among young chefs (Greece) 2013; Internship at Noma Restaurant, (2 * Michelin, chef Rene Redzepi) 2015; Internship in the Geranium restaurant (3 * Michelin, chef Rasmus Kofoed) 2015;

Grand Prix of the Moscow Gastronomic Festival 2018, 2019;

2nd place at the San Pellegrino Young Chef (Mentor) 2019

1st and 2nd places at the Festival of National Cuisines of the Peoples of Russia and the CIS Countries Kazan 2008

2nd place international Kremlin culinary cup 2009.

2nd place in the IX Championship of Russia on Culinary and Service Moscow 2008

2nd place at the International Culinary Salon «Eurasia» Yekaterinburg 2009

In 2010 he became the best Chef in the profession in the Stavropol Territory and the North Caucasus Federal District

2nd place at the Russian Championship 2010 PIR Moscow.

1st place at Bohemia cap 2011, the city of Togliatti.

In 2011, he took 2nd place of the first All-Russian team championship of Russia. He was also awarded a medal as an honorary citizen of Pyatigorsk on the 230th anniversary of the city.

Winner of the World Cooking Cup Luxembourg — 2010

Member of the North Caucasian Culinary Association since 2007.

Member of the Federation of Professional Chefs and Confectioners of Russia Since 2009.

Judge wacs- worldwide culinary association since 2014

Judge Boxing 2019

At the very beginning of his work, being an ordinary cook and not suspecting the existence of the “gastrobotany” trend, Andrey Kolodyazhny was intuitively interested in using wild herbs and plants in cooking. At the age of 26, having graduated with a degree in industrial engineering as a food service engineer, Andrey becomes the chef of a restaurant in the city of Pyatigorsk and takes up experiments. Using the principles of molecular cuisine, Andrey adds unexpected dishes and ingredients to the menu.

A real revolution in Andrey’s mind occurred after visiting the Madrid Fusion exhibition and exploring the works of chef Rodrigo de la Calle, whose restaurant was twice featured in the Michelin Red Guide. He realized that he was not alone in his quest and was doing the same thing as cooks in other countries of the world. Immediately after the exhibition, Andrey went to Denmark to get acquainted with the Scandinavian cuisine, which, like gastrobotany, is based on the principles of seasonality, locality and rationality. Having mastered new techniques and adopting ideas, the chef continued to work with non-standard products.

An important role in the development of Andrey as a professional gastrobotanist was played by his experience in the city of Sochi. It was there that he was able to realize the potential accumulated over the years: in 2012, Andrey Kolodyazhny became the chef of the largest Brad-Pit beer restaurant in Krasnodar, and in 2014, the chef of the Druzhba restaurant in Krasnaya Polyana, which served the 2014 Olympic Games From 2015 to 2017, Andrey worked as a brand chef at Baran-Rapan and Fettuccine restaurants, where he gained all-Russian fame thanks to an innovative approach and constant scrupulousness in his work. For about two years, Andrey worked as a brand chef of the restaurant group MODUS (restaurants MODUS Moscow, Baikal (Sochi), MODUS (Sochi).